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First Day After Ending Mobile Services

Natural And Free, LLC was set to start its operations at the new location. However, inclement weather bringing 6-8 inches of snow and a winter storm warning forced KeAndri to reschedule all appointments for the day, remaining at home snowed in.

On today's schedule were clients from South Bend, Indiana, Homewood, Illinois and Oak Park, Illinois. Contact was made with all three clients and their appointments were conveniently rescheduled for next week, using the Vagaro appointment scheduler.

An unexpected blessing came to KeAndri from one of her clients who was scheduled today. While rescheduling Darlene, Natural And Free's South Bend client, KeAndri received a surprise blessing that brought her to tears and truly showed her just how much this client appreciated and valued her as her consultant. Diane insisted on still paying me online through Vagaro for her retightening, despite the fact services were not yet performed. Her reasoning...if it had not been for the weather, the services could have been done. As a small business owner herself, she knows firsthand how important bringing in income is to someone self-employed.

KeAndri TOTALLY appreciated the generous gesture as Darlene did not have to do what she did and could have waited until next week to pay.

Thank you Darlene! You made what was turning into a not-so-good day...a blessed day!!!

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