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COMING SOON: Health And Fitness Coaching Services To Be Offered By Natural And Free In 2014!

As we settle into 2014, KeAndri is busy putting the wheels in motion to expand Natural and Free, LLC by adding new services. One of the services Natural and Free will offer to its clients is health and wellness coaching!

To keep in line with Natural and Free's motto of "be natural, be free", KeAndri is currently taking classes to become a Health and Wellness Coach to help her clients, "live natural, live free"!

As a Health and Wellness Coach, KeAndri will come alongside a client who desires health and wellness in his or her life and will work with the client to design and personalize a health program that includes all the aspects of wellness, not just weight loss. Wellness includes a balance in healthy eating, exercise, feelings of self-worth and a belief that change is possible. The process toward wellness includes identifying the reasons a client does not make healthy choices and working to eliminate those obstacles while creating new habits and opportunities that moves the client toward the ideal life they desire.

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