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Natural and Free, LLC  is owned and operated by KeAndri Talley. It is conveniently located just off I-24 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee...30 minutes from Nashville.




















Natural and Free, LLC specializes in Sisterlocks™, Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, Aromatherapy Consulting Services, and Health & Beauty Products, providing services to clients in the Murfreesboro/Nashville area, the Huntsville, Alabama area, and the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area. 


From soft hair, long hair, coarse hair, short hair to Sisterlocks™, as a Lilla Rose Distributor, Natural and Free, LLC, can help embellish your hair with elegant, unique Lilla Rose flexi clips, hair pins, hair sticks, hairbands, and O-rings. Lilla Rose hair accessories are versatile and do not damage or break the hair. 


Sisterlocks™ is a natural hair care system originated by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, consisting of a locking technique. It is chemical-free with no hair products or additional hair added. The locking technique allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today's hairstyles, without having to alter the natural texture of their hair. Still have relaxer on your ends? Sisterlocks™ can be started with as little as one and a half inches of new growth without cutting your relaxed hair.


Natural and Free, LLC provides Aromatherapy products with its product line, Natural and Free Aroma™,  for individuals seeking a more NATURAL appraoch to health and beauty.


Aromatherapy consultations and individualized custom blends are offered to best suit clients' needs by the Aroma Chemist™ herself...KeAndri Talley.


Escape into a world of total hair freedom, naturalness, and rejuvenation!


Natural and Free, LLC is dedicated to providing you with the utmost attention, courtesy, and level of service.




For more information on Sisterlocks, please visit the Official Sisterlocks™ website at!





About "KeAndri Talley"

KeAndri's Hair Story


I was first introduced to Sisterlocks™, in 1995, by my mother who received beautiful locks from Celeste Geary, the sister of Sisterlocks™ originator, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. I saw Sisterlocks™ transform my mother's hair into healthy, beautiful locks. It was amazing!!! However, at the time, I was a slave to relaxers and unwilling to commit to a natural way of wearing my hair. 

After years of altering my hair texture and damaging my hair in the process, I made the decision to finally go NATURAL and FREE my hair from chemical relaxers in April of 2008. I transitioned from perm to natural, by way of kinky twist braids and two-strand twists for 4 months.


On August 24, 2008, I started my Sisterlocks™ journey and I've never looked back. I love my Sisterlocks™ and live by my motto, "It's natural, chemical relaxer-free, and me!" Sisterlocks™ has taught me to embrace my natural, God-given hair texture.

My Sisterlocks™ journey inspired me to embark upon, yet, another journey...a journey to become a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant. I underwent intensive Sisterlocks™ training, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the highly knowledgeable Master Trainer, Celeste Geary. Now, I have the pleasure of giving back what was so graciously given to me...beautiful Sisterlocks™! 

KeAndri is owner and operator of Natural and Free, LLC where she runs the business with professionalism, integrity, and passion as a small business owner. 


"I love Sisterlocks™ and all that they stand for. I am passionate about my roles as Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant and Licensed Hair Braider/Loctician...and it shows in the work and service I provide to my clients. I truly enjoy what I do!"~~~KeAndri


As a Chemist and Aromatherapy Specialist, KeAndri offers her clients an added treat in their quest toward healthy, natural, chemical-free hair...knowledge in natural ways to nourish the hair and background in harmful ingredients that can wreak havoc on one's scalp and hair.


"It's wonderful to be trained to provide clients with Sisterlocks™, but it's awesome to be able to share chemical and aromatherapy knowledge to assist them in their natural hair journey."~~~KeAndri


KeAndri launched her product line, Natural and Free Aroma™ in September of 2011 and aromatherapy consulting services (provided by "The Aroma Chemist™" herself...KeAndri Talley) to the Natural and Free, LLC business in November of 2011.













I pride myself in staying current with all certifications as an assurance to my clients they are receiving service from a Consultant who is serious about representing Sisterlocks™ in the most professional way possible by upholding its high standards. FEEL FREE TO CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO REACH THE OFFICIAL SISTERLOCKS™ WEBSITE TO VERIFY MY CURRENT SISTERLOCKS™ CERTIFICATION AND LISTING ON THE OFFICIAL CERTIFIED CONSULTANT REGISTRY.

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